WHO are human capital leaders?

Human capital leaders in school systems can be found across the organization, in departments other than human resources. They may include any of these individuals who can benefit from the Human Capital Resource Center:

  • District and building leaders

  • Teacher leaders, instructional coaches, and mentors

  • Public, private, and charter school executives and department directors

  • Other education organization employees (at Educational Service Centers and other regional supports)

  • Educator preparation faculty at colleges and universities

  • Anyone else who has a stake in improving the human capital of school systems

Making smart human capital decisions in school systems requires a broad-based team effort. The responsibility extends beyond the traditional human resource group. It requires meaningful partnerships across Ohio and within local districts and schools.

Why Focus on human capital Management?

Successful organizations understand that their employees are their single greatest asset, and make it an absolute priority to find the right people, grow and support them, reward excellence, and continuously improve to help meet organizational and staff needs.

If you are new to human capital management, here are a few resources to get you started.

Deepen Your Learning

Professional Human Capital Leader in Education (pHCLE) Certification Program

Build your capacity to attract, grow, and retain top talent.