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Educator Recruitment

In a competitive job market, actively engaging in recruitment is an important step in ensuring each child in Ohio has an excellent educator. Districts and schools need to be able to differentiate recruitment practices to address current and future staffing needs. 


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The toolkit provides resources aligned to three research-based strategies for effective recruitment. Districts should also consult their board policy, collective bargaining agreement, and local equity plan during the development of their recruitment strategy.

  1. Promote the district or school as an attractive workplace for educators.

  2. Establish high and unyielding standards for identifying candidates.

  3. Cultivate partnerships with diverse sources of potential applicants.

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Recruitment Timeline

Recruitment is an ongoing process and often occurs year round.

Recruitment References

The Recruitment Reference List contains a collection of articles to help you get started in your exploration of information related to challenging staffing areas, effective recruitment strategies, and recruitment tools from a national perspective.



See what others are doing! Get inspired by how others are using their websites to promote a career in education and excite potential applicants about position openings.