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Educator Recognition

Educators shape the future through their commitment to our children and the profession. Recognizing the exemplary service of those who go above and beyond encourages talented individuals to enter and remain in the profession. Explore opportunities that celebrate exceptional educators and engage them as ambassadors for the profession.

Did you know?

Toledo Public Schools’ Mona
Al-Hayani is the 2019 Ohio Teacher of the Year.

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From bus drivers to superintendents, there are more than 50 Ohio-based awards that recognize excellence in education.

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Recognition boosts employee engagement, productivity, and retention rates.


Recognition Opportunities


Who should be the next Ohio Teacher of the Year?



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Appreciation Events

While educators can be informally recognized at any time, there are also designated times throughout the year to celebrate specific groups of educators. Visit the sponsoring organizations’ websites to find tips for showing your appreciation.

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Share Your Story

Whether you are a parent, student, community member, or current educator, everyone has a story to tell about an educator who has made a difference in their lives or brightened their day. Engage your entire school community in elevating the education profession by asking them to share their stories on social media.

  • Social Media Tips: Tips for using different social media platforms. (Coming soon)